produits hydrofuges et oléofugesImperméabilisation et anti graffiti
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ProtectGuard FT


New formula for high usage ground surfaces.
Assists removal of chewing gum.


ProtectGuard® FT is an environmentally user friendly impregnating agent that gives protection against soiling and stains of all types and graffiti.

ProtectGuard® FT can FTcan be used on all ground surfaces, both inside and outside. Since it is colourless, it does not alter the appearance or nature of the surface to which it is applied.

ProtectGuard® FT is especially intended for treatment of slightly porous materials such as certain granite, polished concrete, marble, graniteware, terracotta or ground surfaces that are subjected to high levels of usage.

Its excellent penetrating power and part cularly high resistance make it an effective abrasion-resistant protection product.

Water-repellent, ProtectGuard® FT prevents the ingress of water.
Materials are treated by impregnation to the point of saturation.

ProtectGuard® FT waterproofs by penetrating deep into the materials’ pores.

Oil-repellent, Surfaces treated with ProtectGuard® FT are resistant to greasy stains, which cannot penetrate the surface and can thus be eradicated with the greatest of ease.

ProtectGuard® FT allows the material to breathe, yet it remains air and condensation permeable.


An acrylic copolymer in water phase
Fluorinated surfactant
Solvent free
Non-flammable and environmentally
user friendly



Surfaces should be clean and dust-free.
ProtectGuard® FTis ready-to-use.
No special precautions are necessary before and after applying the treatment.
Apply one or two coats (“wet on wet”) with a roller, brush or preferably a lowpressure sprayer until the surface is saturated.
Clean the surface with water
Drying time : 24 hours.
Maximum effectiveness : 7 days after application.
Coverage dependent on the porosity of the material.
Do not apply in rainy or frosty weather.
Do not store below 5°C.
For surfaces with a large area, in order to allow rapid re-usage, it is possible to quicken trying time by using a hot air blower.


桶 : 1L, 5L, 10L, 25L.

Efficacité garantie supérieur à 10ans

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