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Mineralisant Guard

Enables consolidation of surfaces that have become brittle (stones, concrete, bricks, etc).


Nature: ethyl silicate in water phase, hardener of all types of absorbent and porous stones, bricks, concrete and cement mortar. Enables consolidation of these materials whilst preserving porosity and condensation permeability. This product is ethyl silicate ester-based. The molecule in this product reacts with silica contained in the material, producing quartz, on the one hand, which “restructures” the material at molecular level, and ethanol, on the other hand, which evaporates. Optimum hardening is attained after roughly 15 days in normal conditions.
Chemical components :
Si (OC2H5)4 + 4H20 --- > SiO2 * aq + C2H5OH


Especially efficient before waterproofing.
High level of penetration.
No film formation.
Allows the surface to breathe.
Helps materials to age particularly well.
Does not alter the appearance of the material.
The treated surface can be waterproofed or painted.



Determine the solidity, capillarity, porosity, etc.
Determine the average amount to be used.
Check that there is no change in colour.
Clean thoroughly the surfaces to be treated.
If the materials have become too brittle, carry out preliminary treatment in order
to be able to clean.
The material should be dry. Protect from rain for 2 to 3 days.
Avoid contact with direct sunlight, which could lead to to fast drying.
The ideal temperature for treatment is between 10°C and 20°C.
Can be applied by sprayer or roller.
The average quantity required is between 0.5 to 1.5 litres for 11 sq. ft. of material.
Non-flammable product but smoking during application is strictly forbidden.
Wear a protective gloves and goggles.
Shield plastics.


桶 : 5L, 25L.


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